How NOT to Hire a Product Manager (PM) Series

The Perfect PM Candidate?

In my career, I have hired or interviewed product managers for different roles in multiple countries and firms. I have also had friends and colleagues attend interviews from PM roles. There are many ways to select someone for a PM role. Unfortunately the process does not work perfectly every time.

For startups hiring PMs, or firms setting up a PM team, you must avoid certain pitfalls. In the next few blog postings, I will talk about real experiences of people as they tried to hire PMs or candidates who interviewed for the role of a product manager.


BTW, there are many articles available online on how to hire a technology product manager. Here is one link from Ken Norton, link to a article, and here is another one from You can review these if you are planning to recruit a product manager for your team or startup.

Keep reading this blog for more posts in this series.


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