About Me

Software and technology industry has long been a realm of mystery and conjecture. People who work in it say that they are at the cutting edge of processes, innovations, corporations and so on. They claim that traditional industries and their scientific processes are being disrupted all the time.

I have worked in the technology industry since 2000, and have seen a wide range people, processes and products being brought to market, or being sunset (with a range of failures as well).

Additionally, there are a lot of Agile practices that are vital or useful to know, and are often missed by teams and organizations attempting digital transformation.

Also, there is a lot of value in classical product management, that is missed in the rush of product management opportunities today.

My blog aims to address some key issues related to product management, program management, product and business strategy, Agile, Scrum and other useful roles and frameworks. I am a Agile certified practitioner, and have done my MBA (PGDM) from IIM Ahmedabad.

This blog is also intended for product managers to show them a glimpse of how this industry is working today. My objective is to shed light on the industry, offer some tips on how to join and grow in it, and provide insights into how product decisions can be made more effective.
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