About Me

I have worked in different roles within the technology and telecom industries since 2000.
I have seen the evolution of the industry from where it was back in 2000, when there were no smartphones or apps to today, where every software has a mobile version or an app, and your digital identity is analyzed everywhere.

There are a lot of Agile practices that are vital or useful to know, and are often missed by teams and organizations attempting digital transformation.

There is a lot of value in classical product management, that is missed in the rush of e-commerce product management opportunities today.

My blog aims to address some key issues related to product management, program management, Agile, Scrum and other useful roles and frameworks. I am a Agile certified practitioner, and have done my MBA (PGDM) from IIM Ahmedabad.

My professional profile is on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dhirenjani

You can contact me via LinkedIn or from this website.