Building A Product Timeline - Useful slides available for download

As a product manager, you will have to make presentations that indicate timelines, progress, status, resource utilization etc. Unless your firm has a standardized template for these, making such slides gets tiresome.

While there is never a perfect timeline slide for all occasions, I have created the attached template, that can be useful on many occasions. There are 3 slides in this template, that can be used in different ways. Feel free to modify or use them in any way. Tip: The long term monthly slide is useful for communicating with senior management, to show the big picture.

Annual slide with months

This slide is useful when you want to show a long term roadmap with key milestones called out. This is typically used for marketing, or for summary presentations to senior management. For example, you can use this slide to show when the product concept will be defined, engineering specs delivered, marketing tasks completed and the new version released over 18 months. If you want to add more details, then you would add rows indicating different people or departments where these milestones will occur.

Monthly slide with weeks

Sometimes, you have to show the weekly progress being made towards internal milestones. This slide is typically used when you want to show when each feature is being released. The attached slide shows a timeline over 3 months, and is formatted for the 52 week calendar year. Again, if you want to provide more details, add rows of data for the audience.

Daily progress in a month

This slide is useful for showing tasks to be completed within a month. You can show each day, and exclude weekdays, while indicating when each task is to be completed, using icons from slide1. I have used such slides to show the cross-functional deliverables for a product, when there is a tight deadline to be met. Apart from this, you can also color holidays or internal "dead" days.

So will you ever use all these slides in a single presentation? Unlikely, as these are meant for different audience.

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