How is an enterprise software product planned, designed, built and released?

For a large software vendor, there are several processes and departments that work together to create a product that can license for hundreds of thousands of dollars. This takes a lot of planning, time and effort across multiple functions.

In addition, there can be delays and risks in developing such software.

PLM software is available in the manufacturing domain, from vendors such as Siemens, Oracle, Autodesk and many others. These describe how different functions and processes are used to release products and support customers.

One such PLM diagram that I created is shown below.  Each department in a firm is shown as a swim lane. And there are different product life cycle phases that run from left to right over time.
The flowchart depicts the different activities that occur within the cycle, and the different checkpoints that occur.

You can observe the complexity that a product manager for enterprise software handles, compared to what the simplified role of a product (feature?) manager is in the e-commerce or web world.
PLM for software

More to follow.

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