Product Management Skills Benchmark Report

The 280 Group is a Silicon Valley based training, research and consulting organization focusing on product management training and consulting for a long time.Their training and consulting staff are available for online, virtual or in-person training sessions. Best of all, their product management framework and process can be adapted by any organization, using Agile, Waterfall or a Hybrid methodology.

In late 2018, they did a survey of practicing product managers across the globe. The objective was to understand the definition of the role in different regions and industries, the key skills and responsibilities of the PM, and the skill gaps that product managers mentioned in the survey. For this survey, they identified 15 key skills (skill set) that a PM will use over the course of their career. They also include a skills assessment survey, which you can use to benchmark yourself against other respondents.
With more than 1,500 responses, there are a ton of insights from their Skills Benchmark Report. If you want a greater understanding of this role, or want to benchmark yourself against other product managers then you can download this report for free.

Few Points

  • Customer and domain knowledge was the strongest skill among PMs
  • Competitive Analysis, End of Life & Pricing were among the weakest

If you want to move into product management, or want to grow further, then this is a great resource to understand what is actually needed in the role. I hope you get as much value from this report as I did.

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